New York Jets Lexus Club

The New York Jets Lexus Club is a premium seating area located on the 200 level of MetLife Stadium. The MetLife Stadium seating chart shows the Jets Lexus Club one level above the visitor's sideline on the west side of the field.

New York Jets Lexus Club sections include access to the exclusive Lexus Club located immediately behind the seats in a spacious, fully-enclosed lounge. Since the private lounge takes up the entire 200 level sideline of the stadium, there are dozens of food options, hundreds of sofas and chairs, and club-only restroom facilities in the enclosed space. The Lexus Club is broken-up into four distinct seating areas with unique prices determined by distance from the 50 yard-line. The best seats are in a subsection called the Jets Lexus Club Prime in Jets Section 239. Four sections are in the Jets Lexus Club Sideline: Jets Section 236, Jets Section 237, Jets Section 240, and Jets Section 241. Four other sections are in the Jets Lexus Club Goal Line: Jets Section 234, Jets Section 235, Jets Section 242, and Jets Section 243. The remaining two sections--Jets Section 233 and Jets Section 244--are in the Lexus Club Corner. All MetLife Stadium Lexus Club tickets offer a good perspective of the action on the field in addition to access to the private club lounge.

Look at the New York Jets Seating Chart and read additional information on each of the seating options available throughout MetLife Stadium: Jets Toyota Coaches Club, Jets West Great Hall Club, Jets Touchdown Club, Jets Lexus Club, Jets Lower Prime, Jets Lower Sideline Select, Jets Lower Sideline, Jets Lower Goal Line, Jets Lower Touchdown Corner, Jets Lower Endzone Corner, Jets Lower Endzone, Jets Mezzanine Endzone, Jets Family Section, Jets Upper Prime, Jets Upper Sideline, and Jets Upper Endzone.

Jets Lexus Club tickets were originally sold as Personal Seat Licenses which grant the owner both the right and obligation to purchase season tickets for every year the Jets play home games in MetLife Stadium. With a PSL cost of $25,000, $15,000, $7500, and $5000 for the Lexus Club Prime, Lexus Club Sideline, Lexus Club Goal Line, and Lexus Club Corner respectively, the cost of the license significantly increases the cost of acquiring desirable club seats. Since a large minority of Lexus Club tickets were never sold as PSLs due to lack of demand, the team sells remaining tickets for individual games. Although this ensures that the worst seats throughout each price point remain for every game, it also depresses prices on the secondary market for more desirable Lexus Club tickets in the front rows of the sections closest to midfield. The current face value of Lexus Club tickets is $395, $295, $255, and $205 for the Prime, Sideline, Goal Line, and Corner respectively. True market prices for Lexus Club tickets varies dramatically based on game and opposition with poorly attended preseason games often commanding half of face value and sold out games during playoff runs costing in excess of three times face value.

New York Jets Lexus Club

New York Jets Lexus Club
View from the New York Lexus Club during preparations for a Jets home game
photo: babyknight
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