New York Jets Touchdown Club

The New York Jets Touchdown Club is a club seating area located on the 200 level above the Jets sideline on the east side of MetLife Stadium. The MetLife Stadium seating chart shows the Jets Touchdown Club occupying 11 sections on the mezzanine level of the facility.

New York Jets Touchdown Club sections are divided into four distinct pricing levels based on location relative to midfield. The best tickets are located in Jets Section 213 in the Jets Touchdown Club Prime. Second-best seats are placed in Jets Section 211, Jets Section 212, Jets Section 215, and Jets Section 216 in the Jets Touchdown Club Sideline. Four additional areas: Jets Section 209, Jets Section 210, Jets Section 217, and Jets Section 218 are in the Jets Touchdown Club Goal Line. The last two sections: Jets Section 208 and Jets Section 220c are part of the Jets Touchdown Club Corner. While there is vastly different pricing for each of the four subsections within the Touchdown Club, all Touchdown Club ticket holders receive access to the private, indoor club with full service bars and concessions, sofas and dining tables, and exclusive restroom facilities. The views from the sections closer to the 50 yard line are clearly better than from those closer to the endzone corners, but the price differential is similarly distinct.

Look at the New York Jets Seating Chart and read additional information on each of the seating options available throughout MetLife Stadium: Jets Toyota Coaches Club, Jets West Great Hall Club, Jets Touchdown Club, Jets Lexus Club, Jets Lower Prime, Jets Lower Sideline Select, Jets Lower Sideline, Jets Lower Goal Line, Jets Lower Touchdown Corner, Jets Lower Endzone Corner, Jets Lower Endzone, Jets Mezzanine Endzone, Jets Family Section, Jets Upper Prime, Jets Upper Sideline, and Jets Upper Endzone.

Jets Touchdown Club tickets were sold as Personal Seat Licenses to fund construction of MetLife Stadium in 2009. Although the best seats in the rows closest to the field were sold out to Jets fans, many of the worst Touchdown Club seats remain in possession of the Jets and are sold to individual ticket purchasers on a single game basis. With the PSLs costing $25,000, $15,000, $7500, and $5000 for Prime, Sideline, Goal Line, and Corner respectively, the true market price of Jets Touchdown Club tickets is largely driven by the initial outlay for the licenses. The current per game cost for the four subsections is $395, $295, $255, and $205 with PSL owners and season ticket purchasers obligated to buy a full ten game package of two preseason games and eight regular season games. Some Touchdown Club seats are offered by the team at face value, but interested buyers should consider shopping at secondary market ticket sources for a larger selection of inventory for the most popular games. Market prices range from below face value for preseason contests to more than $1000 for the best Touchdown Club tickets for the most popular regular season games.

New York Jets Touchdown Club

New York Jets Touchdown Club
View from the New York Jets Touchdown Club during preparations for a Jets home game
photo: babyknight
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