New York Jets Upper Endzone

The New York Jets Upper Endzone includes the cheapest seats available anywhere in MetLife Stadium. The MetLife Stadium seating chart shows the Jets Upper Endzone sections on the third level of the facility stretching across both endzones.

New York Jets Upper Endzone sections are placed high above the field far behind each endzone at MetLife Stadium. As the picture below documents, given the distance and angle from the field, it is difficult to follow the action and impossible to identify individual players from seats in the Upper Endzone. However, since Jets tickets for Upper Endzone sections are the least expensive in the stadium, fans interested in a cheaper way of attending a New York Jets home game should consider Upper Endzone tickets. Eleven sections are placed in one endzone: Jets Section 346, Jets Section 347, Jets Section 348, Jets Section 349, Jets Section 350, Jets Section 301, Jets Section 302, Jets Section 303, Jets Section 304, Jets Section 305, and Jets Section 306. An additional eleven sections are located in the opposite endzone: Jets Section 321, Jets Section 322, Jets Section 323, Jets Section 324, Jets Section 325, Jets Section 326, Jets Section 327, Jets Section 328, Jets Section 329, Jets Section 330, and Jets Section 331.

Look at the New York Jets Seating Chart and read additional information on each of the seating options available throughout MetLife Stadium: Jets Toyota Coaches Club, Jets West Great Hall Club, Jets Touchdown Club, Jets Lexus Club, Jets Lower Prime, Jets Lower Sideline Select, Jets Lower Sideline, Jets Lower Goal Line, Jets Lower Touchdown Corner, Jets Lower Endzone Corner, Jets Lower Endzone, Jets Mezzanine Endzone, Jets Family Section, Jets Upper Prime, Jets Upper Sideline, and Jets Upper Endzone.

Jets Upper Endzone tickets are sold as full season tickets and individual game tickets by the game. With no Personal Seat Licenses attached for any seats throughout the upper level of MetLife Stadium, Jets Upper Endzone tickets are considerably cheaper than seats closer to the field. The Jets currently charge $950 for a full season ticket for every Upper Endzone seat. Two preseason games are included in the season ticket package of ten total games. Any unsold seats remaining following the conclusion of season ticket sales are made available as individual game tickets by the team. As the bulk of seats throughout the entire section are sold out long before the beginning of single game sales, fans interested in a cheap way into MetLife Stadium should consult secondary market ticket brokers and independent third party websites for the best selection and availability of Jets Upper Endzone tickets.

New York Jets Upper Endzone

New York Jets Upper Endzone
View from the New York Jets Upper Endzone
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