New York Jets Upper Sideline

The New York Jets Upper Sideline is the largest seating area available on the top level of MetLife Stadium. The MetLife Stadium seating chart shows the Jets Upper Sideline in a dozen sections on each side of the field.

New York Jets Upper Sideline areas envelop the two Upper Prime sections near the 50-yard line on each side of the field. While there are 24 total Jets Upper Sideline sections spread across both sidelines, the front three rows of every section across the sidelines are priced as Upper Prime areas. The picture below documents the view available for Upper Sideline ticket holders in the front row of the price level and shows (at the very bottom of the image) the three rows of each section that are included as Upper Prime tickets. The MetLife Stadium Upper Sideline area includes twelve sections on the Jets side of the field: Jets Section 307, Jets Section 308, Jets Section 309, Jets Section 310, Jets Section 311, Jets Section 312, Jets Section 315, Jets Section 316, Jets Section 317, Jets Section 318, Jets Section 319, and Jets Section 320. The other twelve sections are placed on the visitor's side of the field: Jets Section 332, Jets Section 333, Jets Section 334, Jets Section 335, Jets Section 336, Jets Section 337, Jets Section 340, Jets Section 341, Jets Section 342, Jets Section 343, Jets Section 344, and Jets Section 345.

Look at the New York Jets Seating Chart and read additional information on each of the seating options available throughout MetLife Stadium: Jets Toyota Coaches Club, Jets West Great Hall Club, Jets Touchdown Club, Jets Lexus Club, Jets Lower Prime, Jets Lower Sideline Select, Jets Lower Sideline, Jets Lower Goal Line, Jets Lower Touchdown Corner, Jets Lower Endzone Corner, Jets Lower Endzone, Jets Mezzanine Endzone, Jets Family Section, Jets Upper Prime, Jets Upper Sideline, and Jets Upper Endzone.

Jets Upper Sideline tickets are sold primarily as season tickets directly by the team. With no Personal Seat Licenses attached to any ticket in the upper bowl, Jets Upper Sideline tickets are sold for $1050 for a full season of eight regular season and two preseason games. Any tickets remaining after season ticket sales conclude are offered as single game tickets. Fans interested in individual game tickets should consider independent ticket brokers for the largest inventory and competitive prices for most games. Preseason Jets Upper Sideline tickets cost below face value while competitive regular season contests often exceed $150 a ticket for the best Upper Sideline sections at MetLife Stadium.

New York Jets Upper Sideline

New York Jets Upper Sideline
View from the New York Jets Upper Sideline
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